Traditional treatment applications of leech oil

Leech oil is made from leech that is boiled and then the oil extracted and mixed with other herbs. The oil is bottled and sold to the public. This is a favorite home-remedy in Indonesia and Malaysia. One of the common use of this oil is for the enlargement of men’s reproductive organ. The oil helps to dilate the blood vessels to in this area to create a better blood flow and ensure a healthier area. However, the treatment does not only involve the application of this oil. It also includes certain types of exercise to be done on a daily basis to see the full benefit.

One of the facts about (leech oil) is that it has the potential to aid in the repair or regeneration of a person’s damaged areas. Some people have used it to treat lower back pain. This oil is believed to regenerate damaged nerves and to relieve pain. These are more common users claims and not from any scientific research and studies. Those who use this type of traditional treatment would rather depend on it and not go to get proper treatment and care from hospitals and qualified doctors.

The method used by these healers and oil producers to extract and manufacture the leech oil is primitive. More in-depth study and research should be given to understand the extent of the benefits that can be derived from leech oil. Minyak belacak (leech oil) is easily found in local shops and does not cost much. One bottle can last you for about a month’s use. Interestingly you can also start to see leech oil being sold online sites such as e-bay. This just goes to show how this locally manufactured oil is slowly being recognized around the world.

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