Limitations from car rental Wroclaw

We cannot guarantee a specific make or model of automobile. But if an automatic automobile is requested, transmission is ensured. The rental car shown in your coupon signifies an auto type/class so automobile makes & models could be substituted for either a similar or an updated auto sort (at no additional price). Where this process isn’t followed

Driving limitations

Restrictions are applicable when crossing state boundaries. Please advise our customer services section during the period of booking in the event that you plan to drive from the state of the automobile pickup place. Fees may apply locally for extra insurance when crossing state borders.

Variety of passengers

Should you be uncertain of the ideal size rental car to your preferences, please talk with one of our qualified customer service representatives.

Mechanical difficulties/accidents

In the case of any mechanical problems or accidents involving your rental car, it is necessary that details are reported within 24 hours to the local provider. You also need to complete a collision form by the conclusion of the rental period. Local authorities must likewise be notified in the event of injuries and a signed police report obtained. Complete details of third parties must additionally be got. The local provider, whose name and contact details are revealed on our voucher and rental agreement must give the ability to fix or replace a rental car. You need to keep duplicates of all rental documentation in case an insurance carrier is called for. The settlement is unable to be considered when this process isn’t followed.


All grievances ought to be submitted within 90 days of the end of the vehicle rentals service.

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