The Best Premium WordPress Themes for 2017 – Best Templates

There are many possible reasons why a host wants to switch from free WordPress themes to premium ones. It might be because the theme does not have enough edge to be functional and convenient for the host and the site visitors, or it does not have that fine design that attracts the visitors to take a look at the site more often. Searching for premium WordPress themes is easy. If planning to have these themes, there are two main avenues to consider. .

  • Theme Vendors

These vendors can be considered as the small themes or individuals who offer and sell themes. When purchasing a theme from a vendor, one of the most recommended and user tested is the WordPress Directory of Commercial Themes. This is a list of high-quality themes that are specially created and supported by WordPress and some omissions from the list might be notable for some individuals. But for other theme vendors that are trustworthy and offers high-quality themes, options such as the Theme Isle and Graph Paper Press should be taken into consideration. .

  • Theme Marketplaces

These marketplaces are popular and trusted online stores where theme developers are willing to pay a certain amount of commission on each sale of their themes in the marketplace in exchange for an exposure to the market.

The themes in the much larger marketplaces are not going through the process of strict testing and scanning, but fortunately, the marketplace has been successful in promoting and displaying only the best and top quality themes which are graded through a system of rating. These are a good help for the hosts as the top quality themes are recommended so the low- quality created themes could be easily get ridden off because they only have low ratings which make them drop in the list.

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